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Episode 3 of its Songs Series, AMAZING GRACE, with K.I. Secretary Jed Gregorio.


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Last minute application in three steps!


Do you want to be actively involved in the conceptualizing, planning and execution of K.I. activities? Do you think you can lead a committee and spearhead projects for K.I.? If you answered YES to both, the EXECCOM needs you.

However, if you feel that you’re not yet ready for a leadership role, you can still be active by joining a committee that suits your skills and interests. If you know anyone who can be a great committee head, do encourage him/her!

You can click this link to know about some of the responsibilities of a committee chair, or this link to know more about the six K.I. committees and the application process.


You can access the application form by clicking this link.

Aside from your contact details and the position you’d like to apply for, the Deliberations Committee asks three questions:

Q#1: With the committee that you are applying for in mind, what are your plans for More Than Two this year?

Q#2: Aside from More Than Two, what other activities do you propose for K.I. this year?

Q#3: What other things would you like the Deliberations Committee to know about you?

As an EXECCOM aspirant, it is important to keep in mind that, obviously, this is not a test with right or wrong answers. On the whole, the purpose of the application form is for us to know about your thoughts and plans for K.I. and More Than Two this year.

We also encourage you to make your answers as clear and comprehensive as possible. Your ideas and how you articulate your plans and proposals will be the bases for our deliberation.


You have until tomorrow, February 26, 11:59 PM to accomplish the application form and click SUBMIT.

Meanwhile, the new 2011 roster of Committee Chairs who will form the EXECCOM will be announced after the six K.I. officers have conducted a deliberations meeting.

Their new responsibilities shall take effect as soon as the K.I. President calls for this year’s first EXECCOM meeting. The agenda of the meeting will be announced in advance, for which the new Committee Chairs are expected to prepare.



The new deadline for EXECCOM applications is before February 27. All applications must be sent in by


Please take note of the deadline. Applications sent in after this time might not be retrieved in time for deliberations.



The online application form can be found here:


Information about the EXECCOM, its committees, and the 2011 applications:


For any questions about applications or the EXECCOM, you can submit your questions here:




We encourage everyone to apply, especially those who want to be actively involved in the conceptualizing and planning of K.I. activities.

Briefly, the following are some of the responsibilites of a committee chair:

1. Delegate tasks to his committee members and lead the general operations of his committee during a K.I. activity, based on its responsibilities as agreed upon by the EXECCOM.

2. Pioneer program, activity or project proposals according to his committee’s responsibilities, and devise creative ways for his committee to be more involved in all K.I. activities.

3. Act as a representative of his committee during EXECCOM meetings. He should be constantly updated with his committee members’ concerns, suggestions and grievances. He should be able to relay this to the EXECCOM, for these concerns to be accordingly addressed.

4. Be present, attentive and participative during EXECCOM meetings, and be cooperative in all other K.I. endeavors as lead by the K.I. Officers.

For everyone applying, good luck! —Jed

PS. For questions and concerns, you can also personally message me on Facebook. Click here.


Hi everyone, this year we’re introducing K.I.’s first online and automated applications for Executive Committee (EXECCOM) or committee chairmanship.

You can access the application link here:


Any K.I. member who wish to be Chair of one of six committees can apply. The deadline for applications is on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 11:59PM.

For more information about applications and descriptions of each of the committees, please visit: <>

Good luck! —Jed

The K.I. Committees

Through an application process, the committee chairs will be selected by a Deliberation Committee composed of the six K.I. officers. The appointed committee chairs, along with the six K.I. officers, form the Executive Committee (EXECCOM). The committee chairs are expected to be present in all EXECCOM meetings. They are actively involved in the conceptualization, planning and execution of K.I. activities.

Below are the six committees and descriptions of the responsibilities of each.

PROGRAM | The Program Committee is in charge of the general program flow of More Than Two and other K.I. activities. For More Than Two, this includes coordinating with the music team that will facilitate WORSHIP, and coordinating with the emcees (and/or project heads) about WORK-IT and WORTHWHILE.

MARKETING & PROMOTION | Together with the Public Relations Officer, the Marketing and Promotions committee is the public relations arm of K.I. It is in charge of creating promotional materials, inviting people to attend and participate in K.I.’s activities, and creating guest lists for exclusive events.

LOGISTICS | The Logistics Committee manages resources that have to do with the activities’ location and physical arrangement, props and other materials needed in the execution of the program.

DOCUMENTATION & PUBLICATION | The Doc&Pub Committee is in charge of chronicling K.I.’s activities and making these accounts available to the church and the public. Documentation includes event reports and photography (both photos and videos), while publication may refer to both online and print avenues.

FINANCE | Together with the Treasurer and Auditor, the Finance Committee handles the budgeting of K.I.’s finances. The committee is also in charge of creating fund-raising programs, proceeds of which aid K.I. with its activities and other endeavors.

FOOD PREPARATION | The Food Preparation Committee is in charge of the logistics involving food and drinks that are served in K.I. activities. The committee is also given the task of menu planning during the preparations of special K.I. events such as anniversaries and parties.

Prepared by Jed Gregorio, Secretary

The Discovery Series: Updates

A big thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s More Than Two! We’re extremely excited about the episodes to follow. With this we present a new poster, featuring our officers. Here it is:

Cara Bautista uploaded photos from yesterday’s episode on her Facebook account. You can check out the photos here. Stay tuned for further documentation of Noemi Mayor’s episode, including a video of her talk.

Next up: Jeremy Caballes’ episode The Last Man Standing (below; check out the bigger version here) on September 5. We hope to see you all there. Everyone’s invited, so bring along friends!